About Physical Education and Sports Science

                                                     Speech of the Dean of College of Physical Education and Sport Sciences 

                                                                     Prof. Dr. Raed Mohawis Zugair  

Mission of the College

Our College adopts preparing competent specialized educational staff who possess scientific and educational skills to elevate serving the community, educational and research institutions 

Aims of the College

Our College is one of the knowledge and  educational institutions, therefore it aims to:

  • Developing the educational process and providing the ideal environment for the actual practices of teaching and learning in line with modern scientific developments 
  • Modernization of information systems and technology to fully develop the infrastructure. 
  •  Developing the efficiency of faculty members in managing and following up education and scientific research processes, whether in primary or postgraduate studies.
  •  Developing student activities and activating close links between the college, outputs and relevant community institutions.
  •  Developing evaluation systems for educational effectiveness, evaluating educational outcomes for each program, and updating curricula, evaluation methods, and examinations
  • Job description and field of work for graduates of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Sciences: Preparing scientific educational cadres working in state institutions.
  • The Certificate granted by the College: Bachelor Degree / College of Physical Education and Sports Sciences 

College message


 Our college offers scientific programs and courses to prepare qualified scientific staff, the purpose of which is to meet the needs of the local and regional community and scientific developments in the various educational and sports fields

point of contact:

email: Info@physedu.alayen.edu.iq

mobile: +9647800060302

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Students evaluation form on the teaching staff for the year 2021-2022
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